About me and my site.

James Bartosik, Running for Walton Athletic Club,


Welcome to my site an original creation by me, James Bartosik from Surrey, England. My site has been going since the year 2000 when I was a computing student at university.

About me:
I'm an amateur athlete, I also enjoy cycling, heavy metal and other outdoors pursuits.
For my professional day job I work in IT in London.

About my photography:
In my photography, I use a variety of camera equipment which include film media which I'm passionate about using, and am convinced still have their place as a format for artists in this digital age. My particular favourites is Fuji Velvia.


Contact me
You can contact me via e-mail: james@bartosik.org. I am not on social media.


My site is backed up by the British Library's Web Archive:click here.

Picture: Wearing WW.
May 2013.

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