Sedgemoor Agricultural Market.
A photographic account of a working country market, Somerset. October 2009.

<Sheep held in pens ready for auction>
<An auction in progress>
<A large pig, ready for market> <Young cows marked for sale>
<Sheep ready for auction at market> <A smallholder dropping sheep off at the market>
<Tamworth pigs at the market> <A very large pig for sale at the market>
<Sheep for sale at the market> <A large pig for sale at the market>
<different variety of pig for sale at Sedgemoor Market> <A vast pig waiting for sale at Sedgemoor market>
<Steers for sale at Sedgemoor market>
<Countryside folk>
<Fully grown cattle ready for sale and slaughter>
<Market day is an important day out for farmers>
<Sheep for sale at market>

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Authors: Photographs and page created by: James Bartosik.
Date of event: October 24th 2009.
Page History: First created: October 25th 2009. Last Revision: February 25th 2010. Revision version: 2.0.
Camera and Lenses: Canon 5Dmk2. EF 16-35L f2.8, EF 24-70L f2.8, EF 70-200L f2.8.
Locations: Sedgemoor Market, neat Taunton, Somerset, England.
Copyright: © Copyright material, all rights reserved