London under snow.
A work in progress of London under snow during winter 2010.

<The London Eye with foreground covered in Snow>
<Nelson Mandela covered in snow> <Snow on the Hungerford Bridge> <A lantern on the embankment covered in snow>
<A London phone box covered in snow> <Trafalgar Square, frozen fountains, winter 2010> <The South bank covered in Snow>
<snow covered tree's near Embankment Tube> <London's National Gallery dusted in snow>

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Authors: Photographs and page created by: James Bartosik.
Date of event: January 2010.
Page History: First created: January 13th 2010. Last Revision: February 25th 2010. Revision version: 1.2.
Camera and Lenses: Canon s90.
Locations: London, England.
Copyright: © Copyright material, all rights reserved