Fournier Bay.
Wildlife of Fournier Bay and the Yalour Islands, Antarctica, from the RV Akademik Ioffe. March 2007.

<RV Akademik Ioffe>
<A lone Leopard Seal> <Leopard Seal>
<Leopard Seal> <A Weddell Seal>

The Yalour Islands

<A Fur seal, the Yalour islands>
<3 Adelie Penguins> < A Humpback whale's fluke>
<Landscape of the Yalour islands> <An Adelie Penguin>
<Adelie Penguin nesting site> <A zodiac launch from the Ioffe>
<An Iceberg taken using Fuji Velvia>
<A humpback whale and the RV Akademik Ioffe> <A humpback whale spyhopping>

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Authors: Photographs and page created by: James Bartosik.
Date of event: February / March 2007.
Page History: First created: December 28th 2008. Last Revision: n/a. Revision version: 1.0.
Camera and Lenses: Canon 350D, Canon 30v, EF 24-70L USM f2.8, EF 75-300 f4-5.6. Film: Fuji Velvia 50, Kodak 100 Gold.
Locations: Approx 63° South, the western side of the Antarctic peninsula.
Copyright: © Copyright material, all rights reserved