Photo most days - 2009.
This was a project of mine to try and shoot one photograph each day during 2009. It wasn't always possible to take a photo of the day, sometimes there was just nothing worth taking, and I felt it was better not to take anything than take a below average photograph for the sake of it. My daily routine and repetitive commute to work, coupled with early winter darkness sometimes made an original picture impossible. It was an enjoyable exercise for the most part and I used 5 different camera's, from a compact digital to a medium format film camera, along with various types of film. I may run a project again in say 5 years time, but my daily pattern would need to have altered enough to allow original pictures.

New Years Day

Morris Dancers performing traditional folk dance. Hampshire.

January 10th

Barges on a freezing cold day near Hammersmith Bridge, London.

January 11th

Chelsea Pensioners pose for the camera in Trafalgar Square.

January 12th

Barbican Tunnel, City of London, on a wet winters day, taken whilst walking my film to metro imaging.
<The Natural History Museum>
<Turbine Hall - Tate Modern>
<Royal Exchange>
<The Gherkin>
January 18th

Natural History Museum, South Kensington, London.

January 19th

The Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, London Southbank, taken after a late night viewing.

January 20th

Socialist workers stickers near the Bank of England.

January 21st

The Gherkin on a bright winters day, taken from Spittle fields market.

<Abstract water drops photo>
<Evening Standard sign>
<Edwardian terrace in Chelsea>
<Lord Mayors Rolls Royce>
January 22nd

A wet day.

January 23rd

The UK officially enters recession, after 2 successive quarters of negative economic growth.
January 24th

Edwardian terrace in Chelsea.

January 26th

The Lord Mayor of London's Rolls Royce parked parked outside The Mansion House in the city.
<Tower 42>
<Lucy on a wet winters day>
<Manequins at Spittlefields>

January 27th

Tower 42 in the City.

January 28th

My sister and I at lunchtime, on another wet, miserable winters day.

January 29th

Mannequins at Spitalfields market, where on Thursday's and Friday's market stalls sell bric-a-brak.

January 30th

Mopeds outside a Chelsea terrace, I walk them most days and they always make me smile.

Bank of England on a Saturday
<Hammersmith Bridge>
<Earls court station>

January 31st

The Bank of England, quite deserted on a Saturday afternoon.

February 1st

Hammersmith Bridge, taken late in the afternoon.

February 2nd

Earls court station deserted during Monday morning rush hour.
(full gallery)

February 3rd

A little girl trudges through icy sludge, near the Barbican centre as yesterday's heavy snow starts to melt.


February 5th

Eros, Piccadilly Circus. If you look carefully you can see Britannia in the background as well.

February 6th

Tower 42 from Old Broad St. on a freezing cold evening.

February 7th

Putney bridge at low tide, early in the evening after watching 6 nations rugby.

February 8th

An old matches advert painted on the side of a terraced house in Fulham. You can see where the loft extension went on.

<Darwin's 200th>
<Coogee Beach at sundown>

February 9th

Another wet day; a back-alley in the city looking a bit sketchy.

February 11th

Caps for sale in Spitalfields market.

February 12th

Charles Darwin's 200th birthday; I thought a photograph of him on a £10 note would be most fitting. Note the distinct lack of "In god we trust".

February 16th

Coogee Beach, NSW, Australia at sundown; my first day on holiday in Oz.

February 17th

Gulls preening at the harbour front in Newcastle NSW, unseasonably cold and windy weather for the end of the Australian summer.
February 18th

Tyrell's vineyard in the Hunter Valley, an important wine growing region in South East Australia.

February 19th

A fruit bat hanging from a gum tree in Port MacQuarie, not far from the centre of town on the boardwalk nature trail.
February 20th

Byron Bay Lighthouse, the most Easterly point of the Australian mainland.

<A Koala>
<Sunset over Noosa>
February 21st

Brisbane Queensland, and the Story Bridge spanning over the cityscape. My friends Trent and Lindsay showed me round their city.
February 22nd

A Koala having a one of its 18hr per day naps, at the Lone Pine Koala sanctuary, Brisbane.

February 23rd

The late Steve Irwin's Australia Zoo, and warnings against activities with the inhabitant Salty's.

February 24th

Sunset over the fantastic beach town of Noosa; a patient 20 minutes elapsed composing and preparing for this photograph.

<Brumbies Stadium>
February 25th

Rainbow Beach, the gateway to Fraser island and a brilliant pink sunset marked the going down of the sun.
February 26th

Fraiser Island a very popular tourist destination, Pete and I drove a Land Cruiser up the Eastern beach and to central station to camp for the night.
February 27th

A Dingo wandering to the waters edge on Fraser Island.
February 28th

Brumbies Stadium Canberra, Australia. Watching a Super 14's Rugby match against the WA, Western Force who sadly won.
<Sydney Train Station>
March 1st

The Australian Parliament building in Canberra captured using a fisheye lens.
March 2nd

Sydney Harbour at sunset, I was disappointed not to get the stunning sunset colours of some of my other recent evening photographs.
March 4th

Sydney central train station, en route to Kingsford Smith airport, departing for Hong Kong, a quick G9 snapshot.

March 5th

The giant IFC building in Hong Kong which appears to dwarf the peak.

<Fire near St Pauls>
Sunset over London

March 6th

Hong Kong from the Peak, I chose to use black and white film due to the overcast and dull conditions.

March 18th

A view of St Paul's from Cannon Street, notable due to the plume of smoke from a fire at nearby Breams Buildings road.
March 20th

Sunset over London on Friday evening.

March 21st

The Quadriga atop the Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner; at 4 seconds handheld its a bit shaky.

<The Boat Race>
March 22nd

I dislike flower photography, it's generally dull, however it is the third day of spring, and is appropriate for my PMD theme.

March 23rd

A reminder that winter still persists, a very cold evening with still leafless tree's.

March 28th

Special Air Service and other embroidered emblem at an Arcade on Regent street.

March 29th

The 154th Oxford Vs. Cambridge boat race on the Thames, watched this year from the comfort of a sofa. I was in the desert during Des Sables for last years race.
<Preparation for the G20>
<London Underground tunnel,>
March 31st

Standby for the protestors. Scaffolds and boarding up of shops begins in the city of London ahead of tomorrows G20 summit.

April 1st

Ill informed protestors descend on the City of London to coincide with the G20 conference. Banners such as 'Make money history' sum up the average IQ. (Click to see full page)

April 2nd

The Bank of England being cleaned of graffiti after yesterdays protests, which were very calm in the end, a few smashed windows and some displaced traffic cones.

April 4th

A tunnel on the London Underground, early on a Saturday morning. In some ways it looks very space age.

<Space invader mosaic, Bishopsgate>
<Aircraft on the pan at Chicago>
<Waterfalls, Cape Horn, Oregon>
<An industrial estate in Oregon>

April 6th

A space invader on Bishopsgate next to a newsagent. Space invader mosaics can be found hidden all over London streets and many other cities, and are fun to hunt down.

April 8th

Aircraft on the pan at Chicago O'Hare international airport; taken on my way to visit friends in Oregon for Easter.

April 9th

A waterfall near Cape Horn, Washington not far from the city of Portland.

April 10th

A small industrial estate and mountains in the backdrop on an early evening run, again near Portland Oregon.

<Forest sign on Mount Hood, Oregon>
<Neon lights at Chicago airport>
<AC/DC at the O2>
<Thames low tide>
April 11th

A forest scene on Mount Hood, Oregon whilst out snowshoeing with friends.

April 13th

Another day spent travelling through Chicago airport; one of the biggest neon light arrays I can recall seeing.

April 14th

The O2 venue after seeing AC/DC live in concert.

April 19th

Low tide on the Thames with the London Wetlands centre in the background; taken on a training run with my G9 wedged into my camelbak.
<Rowers at sunset on the Thames>
<Budget day 2009>
<St George's Day>
April 20th

Rowers at sunset on the Thames, taken during a marathon training run from Hammersmith bridge. I was very pleased to grab this shot in just 10 seconds, one of my favourite PMD shots for a couple of weeks.

April 22nd

Labour Chancellor, Alistair Darling delivers the 2009 budget, and announces that he'll double the UK national debt and borrow more than every other UK government combined since the Bank of England was founded 300 years ago.
April 23rd

St George's Day; Morris Men perform their fantastic traditional dance on Liverpool St in the City. Its a very rare sight in central London, and excitingly my second Morris dancing PMD entry this year (see Jan 1st).

April 25th

ANZAC day to commemorate the servicemen who died at Gallipoli in 1915 and other conflicts since then. The photo depicts a popular Aussie pub in Fulham, I liked the massive flag outside and thought it unusual a scene.

<Sunset over Port Issac harbour>
<Mayday celebrations in Padstow>
<Port Issac harbour, Cornwall>
<A view of Surrey from Richmond Park>
April 30th

Sunset over Port Isaac Harbour, I was enjoying a meal at the fantastic Harbour Restaurant and saw the sun going down through the window and dashed out to take a shot, half a second exposure using a tripod.

May 1st

Mayday celebrations in Padstow, Cornwall. My mate Patrick and I took the ferry from Rock and watched the Oss and associated folk singing and dancing, fantastic to see such an old fashioned tradition. (Full page soon).

May 2nd

Port Isaac harbour, Cornwall, taken using Velvia film and a fisheye lens.

May 4th

A view of Surrey from Richmond Park on bank holiday Monday. Taken quickly whilst out marathon training.

>Lloyds of London>
<Morris Men near trafalgar Square>
<Red Deer in Richmond Park>
May 6th

A view from Bishopsgate of Lloyds of London. A construction site is currently in front of it, and I like the wrecking ball / hoist with the George Cross, very English, very Sun reader, I love it.
May 8th

The next big thing, Heron Tower in the city of London under construction on Bishopsgate, due to be just shy of 200m tall.

May 9th

Morris Men near Trafalgar Square, I went to watch about 5 different Morris groups performing next to St Martin-in-the-fields on my way home from work, great fun.

May 10th

Red Deer in Richmond Park only several metre's away. Taken during a 2hr marathon training run, on which I ran out of energy and felt awful.

<Redscale film experiment>
<Liffe building, 80 Cannon Street>
May 11th

An experiment of mine using Redscale film, which is known as a Lo Fi photographic trick / technique. By flipping film around in the camera so that light passes through the wrong way, the colours are shifted to Yellow / Red / Orange.

May 12th

More Redscale film, of a stairwell in the Barbican centre. I pushed the film to +1 in the camera which increased the Yellow effect. Note that photoshop editing was not used in either of these 2 redscale images and the effect is natural.

May 14th

The Mansion House, I'm surprised that I've not used it as a PMD shot already; it's become increasingly hard to take an original photograph each day.

May 15th

The old LIFFE trading building on Cannon Street, a neat piece of architecture.

<Maddie & Lucy in the Bluebells>
< A VR letterbox>
<The BT Tower>
<Mark Leamy
May 16th

Maddie and Lucy in the Bluebell woods. My friend Patrick's little girl is very photogenic, and has known me all her life so is easy, and a real pleasure to take photographs of.

May 18th

An original letter-box inscribed with 'VR' Victoria Rex after Her Majesty Queen Victoria. I like to think how very old it is, and the number of events that have taken place since this letterbox was made.

May 20th

The iconic 1960's BT tower, easily recognisable on the London skyline, taken early evening near Oxford Street.

May 21st

My mate Mark took me up in a light aircraft, a tiny two seater Piper Cub. Flying from near Maidenhead, we were up for about 50 minutes over Reading and former US airbase Greenham Common. I went green with air-sickness wedged in the back without a horizon, but used B&W film and my fisheye lens to capture the action.
<Welcome to the South>
<SC Flagstone>
<Pelican overflight, SC>
<The Battery, Charleston>
May 22nd

Welcome to the South! I arrived in Charleston, South Carolina for a party and noticed this sign on the entrance to the airport terminal building, a very alien concept.

May 23rd

A flagstone in the garden representing the shape of South Carolina, showing the symbols of the state flag; a crescent moon and a palm tree, or more correctly a Sabal palmetto. The state flag is blue and shows those two symbols, following a design which copied uniforms by a Colonel William Moultrie in 1775, during the war of independence against us Brit's.

May 24th

Pelicans flying in formation over houses on the South Carolina coast. I was sitting at my mate Will's parents house and all day large brown pelicans would skim the rooftops.

May 25th

An average enough looking scene, but pictured is 'The Battery' in Charleston, South Carolina. This is where the American Civil War began with shots landing on these houses (wiki). Quite exciting to visit a historically poignant place.

<A Ghostbike in Clerkenwell>
<The renovated Earls Court Station>
<High Tide on the Thames>
May 26th

A drainpipe spilling out the sides at Clapham Junction train station. I arrived back from South Carolina to a pouring wet morning.

May 27th

A Ghostbike near Clerkenwell, I've seen it over the last couple of weeks and wonder if it's there as a memorial for someone who was runover? I found the ghost bike website but no information.

May 28th

For the best part of the past 5 years Earls court station has been a dark, dingy scaffold enclosed industrial scene. Last month they started to take down the hoarding's, and my daily commute has become that bit brighter.
May 29th

High tide on the Thames looking towards Barnes. It's hard to believe that this is taken in central London, and I've not enhanced the colours at all. Taken quickly during a training run.

<Chelsea, Chelsea>
<James Henry Greathead in the city>
<The Gherkin building>
May 31st

Chelsea, Chelsea!
Yesterday's FA Cup final was won by Chelsea who's football ground is local to my home, and I saw hundreds of triumphant supporters wandering the streets waving flags and being loud. Today my cousin Fergus, to the dismay of his brother Fred was proudly wearing his team shirt.

June 2nd

James Henry Greathead (wiki) centre of the photo, sandwiched between Lloyds of London in the background and the Royal Exchange on the left. There's a 2m window in which one can take this shot, whilst crossing the road next to the Mansion House, and I've been meaning to take it for a while.

June 3rd

Richmond road bridge at sunset. 1/3 second exposure taken whilst holding my breath to try and catch a steady shot.

June 4th

An abstract view of the iconic 'Gherkin' building looking straight up.

<Putney Bridge, early evening>
<Tube Train>
<Faith No More - Live in Brixton>
<Waterloo Bridge in the late afternoon>
June 5th

Putney bridge at low tide, taken early evening. Not the most pleasing colours and a flat, unexciting sky.

June 9th

Tube train charging into Cannon Street; a strike begins on the underground this evening at 7pm which led to an exodus from the city before it shuts down.

June 10th

Mike Patton of 'Faith No More' performing live at the Brixton Academy. I was thrilled to see them live in their first gig in 11 years! I thought that I'd never get to see them play and it was an excellent Gig and a privilege to be there.

June 11th

Waterloo Bridge in the late afternoon, I hurriedly took this photograph whilst walking over Embankment footbridge to the South Bank centre, to watch Ray Davies of the Kinks perform his 1967 hit, 'Waterloo Sunset' It was great to see live.

<Download Festival>
<Sunset in Fulham>
June 12th

The main stage at Download music festival in Derbyshire, Limp Bizkit, Korn, Faith No More and other bands were performing live.

June 15th

The setting sun low in the sky, next to a block of flats in Fulham.

June 16th

The 'Monument' to the great fire of London of 1666 (wiki) which started within 100m of the obelisk. A very simple image but I loved the morning moon and the crystal blue sky.

June 17th

A 'Hello Kitty' sticker on a moped, I spied it whilst walking home with a couple of bags of shopping, and set them down to take the shot. It reminded me of my friend Maya who loves everything Hello Kitty.
<Mansion house tube>
<Brighton Pier on a summers day>
<Alize Cornet, playing at Wimbledon tennis>
June 18th

St Paul's Cathedral and the worlds second largest Dome. I found out whilst making this page, that the Great fire of London only took place 11 years before the first stone of the cathedral was laid (wiki), and it managed to make it through the Nazi Blitz.

June 20th

Mansion House tube in the city on a Saturday; depressing to be in the deserted financial district, after a hard days work on a nice summers day.

June 21st

A vintage looking Brighton Pier (formerly known as the Palace Pier) looking fantastic on a summers day. Taken using Fuji Neopan B&W film.

This image is for sale as a limited edition print, visit my artshop.

June 22nd

The first day of the Wimbledon Tennis championships; I went down to watch after work and managed to queue up and get inside the ground in just 30 minutes and for £14 after 6pm. This photograph pictures Alize Cornet (wiki) from France.

<St Piano Player, opposite the Bank of England>
<Michael Jackon dies>
<All Saints Church, Margaret St, London>

June 24th

'I've queued in the rain for Wimbledon 2009'

Sticker posted on the district line tube, I was given a similar sticker after visiting on Monday but mine made no mention of rain and featured a strawberry.

June 25th

Street Piano's project, as part of the City of London festival 2009. I've seen about 4 of them dotted around public places in the city over the past few days. This chap was playing masterfully opposite the Bank of England at around 6pm, with the normal street bustle going on around him. What a joy to have the city in this form, rather than that of April 1st (see above).

June 26th

Michael Jackson dies, and the every billboard and television seemed to display the news. I actually heard about his death late on the evening before on my radio. (Carelessly my reflection is in the photograph).

June 27th

The witches hat spire of 'All Saints Church', taken from Regent's Street. Hailed as a key Gothic Revival masterpiece by 19th Century architect, William Butterfield (wiki).

<Smithfields Market>
<HMS Belfast>
<Awaiting Film>

June 29th

A city of London Dragon, looking down onto Smithfield's meat market. Smithfield's has a great deal of history and the Scotsman William Wallace of Braveheart fame, was executed here. In the 1800's it was a notoriously dangerous part of London (wiki).

June 30th

HMS Belfast moored on the Thames, taken early morning. It's always nice to see her sat there, and is a proud looking ship in 1940's camouflage. (wiki).

July 1st

(Westminster Morris Men)
Awaiting film...

July 2nd

Photograph of the stage for Blur, live in Hyde Park. Their first gig in around 6 years and they put on a 2 and a quarter hour set playing all their most popular songs.

<Buzz Aldrin>
<We came in peace for all sandkind>
<Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast>
<The Tower of London - Her Majesty's Palace and Fortress'

July 4th

Buzz Aldrin (wiki), live at the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank. He may have been second down the ladder onto the surface, but as far as I'm concerned he was sat right next to Neil Armstrong when the Lunar Module touched down. Quite amazing to see him in person and hear his stories.

July 5th

'We came in Peace for all Sandkind'

Almost 40 years since the anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, and the evening after I saw Buzz Aldrin give a speech. I saw this sand mural on the Thames South Bank at low tide.

July 6th

HMS Belfast and Tower Bridge (wiki) taken whilst crossing London Bridge. She looks especially moody on this dull, damp and humid morning.

July 8th

This is one of my favourite signs in London:

'Her majesty's palace and fortress'
'The Tower of London'

I think it's fantastic and I love that the central white tower, has stood for almost a thousand years (wiki).

<Clem Atlee estate fulham>
<The king of what?>
<Earls court street view>
<North end road Fulham>

July 9th

A grim 1960's tower block on the Clem Atlee estate in Fulham. I was once pelted with eggs from the higher up floors by kids on a dark winters evening.

July 11th

Where is this guy going with this Sceptre at 9am on a Saturday morning, in a very quiet city of London? I saw only workmen and 'The King of what?' on Threadneedle street, quite eccentric.

July 13th

Earls Court street view. I like the old style mini in the foreground, and the contrast between old terraced houses and the futuristic Empress State Building (wiki) in the background.

July 14th

North End Road Fulham, AKA Little Mogadishu; an astounding percentage of people seem to speak no English, and Arabic seems to be the prevailing language. I would suggest that most don't have a valid visa to be here either. I won't miss living nearby when I leave the area.

<Brick Lane>
<Vulcan Bomber, XH558>
<The Hat and Feathers, Clerkenwell>
<The Gherkin and a church>

July 16th

Brick Lane with signage in English and Indian (Urdu?). A fantastic destination for a British style curry; it's always exciting to eat on Brick lane.

July 18th

Vulcan Bomber XH558 at RAF Fairford. This iconic British aircraft was the mainstay of Britain's V-force Nuclear deterrent from the 1950's to the early 1980's, I'd never seen one in real life and was thrilled to see her (wiki). (Support her here).

July 20th

A pub in Clerkenwell that I often walk past, I noticed on this particular day that it was a neat looking building and was probably worth a PMD shot.

July 23rd

Another image of the 'Gherkin' for my PMD blog, this time taken with my back to Lloyds of London. The dark effect around the building is a result of applying two graduated filters in post processing. Hi-tech sorcery, but rather fun looking I think.

<The Old Bailey>
<A 'Titan arum' at Kew Gardens>
<Commuter trains at Waterloo Station>
<Skaters on the South Bank>

July 24th

The Old Bailey, the highest criminal court in the land (wiki) with Lady Justice topping off the dome.

July 26th

A 'Titan arum' about to flower its enourmous un branched flower at Kew Gardens in London. Apparently it only flowers once every several years or so, and its the largest specimen they've ever grown (wiki).

July 29th

Commuter trains at London Waterloo station; now a part of my daily trek into the city. Note the overcast sky through the roof, a feature of this years summer.

July 30th

A Skater jumping over a crate on the South Bank, taken whilst trialling my new camera lens. Skaters and BMX riders have a place to mess about right on the thames and a crowd is permanently gathered round and is not nearly as salubrious as it looks.

<One & Other, Trafalgar Square>
<HMS Victory>
<Michael Garrick quartet>
<Pumps at the Great British Beer Festival>
August 1st

A man sat aloft the 4th Plinth at Trafalgar Square as part of Antony Gormley's 'One & Other' live art piece. He wasn't doing much of interest, and took a short stroll around then sat back down into a deck chair. He did have quite a crowd though. (official website)

August 2nd

Fire buckets hanging above the quarterdeck on HMS Victory, the Royal Navy's flagship at the battle of Trafalgar, arguably the most decisive battle in the history of the British Empire. It was fantastic to be aboad the original ship in all her wonder. A plaque marks the spot a few metres away where Nelson indeed, did his duty. (wiki)

August 4th

Inside Ronnie Scotts jazz club in Soho, the photo depicts Michael Garrick and his quartet. I won a place to be the house photographer for the night, as part of Ronny Scotts (wiki) 50th birthday celebrations. It was a real priviledge especially as photography is normally banned and hundreds of people applied for the opportunity. Full page here.

August 8th

Pumps lined up at the annual Great British Beer Festival in London's Earl's Court exhibition centre. Hundreds of real Ale's are on offer and I always try to make it. My photography was not exactly inspirational during it, and this was as good as I could manage.

<Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder and Ronnie Wood, Shepherds Bush>
<View of the city of London>
<Wide Angle, St Paul's and Millenium Bridge>
<The O2>
August 11th

Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder onstage live at the Shepherds Bush Empire joined by Rolling Stones Guitarist Ronnie Wood. Only 2,000 tickets were sold for the concert and I was incredibly lucky to have got hold of a pair for face value.

August 14th

View of Bank and the City of London from the rooftop terrace bar of Coq d'argent.

August 17th

St Pauls, The Millenium Bridge and the City, taken near to the Founders Arms pub, where I've met many friends for a drink and enjoyed the view of London town.

August 18th

The O2 venue in North Greenwich, taken after seeing Pearl Jam live in concert; it was good but I was abut 400m from the stage and it couldn't compete with the intimite setting of Shepherds Bush Empire, great sound system in there though.

<Leadenhall Market>
<Commando Memorial, Spean Bridge>
<Talisker, Isle of Skye>
<A Sea Eagle, Isle of Skye>
August 19th

Leadenhall covered market (wiki) in the City of London. Taken quickly during my lunch break.

August 27th

The Commando memorial at Spean Bridge near Fort William (wiki), I passed it on my drive to the Isle of Skye and stopped for 15 minutes. There was a grim and upsetting array of young British mens names.

August 28th

The Talisker Whiskey distillery (wiki) at Carbost on the Isle of Skye. The Cullin mountains are clearly visible to the centre left of the photograph. I've been to Talisker bay many times as a child but this was the first time I was old enough to buy the Whiskey.
August 29th

A juvenile Sea Eagle (wiki) clasping a Makerel in its Talons caught in Portree Bay, Isle of Skye.

<The Forth rail bridge, Edinburgh>
<Swiss Centre, Leicester Square>
<Dragons under the Bank>
<London Tattoo Convention>
August 30th

The Forth Rail Bridge (wiki) taken from Queensferry jetty. The story goes that it's always being painted and by the time they reach one end they have to start again, not sure if it's true, will have to read the wiki.

September 19th

The North-West corner of Leicester Square in London, commemorating 700 years of Confederation Helvetia, more commonly known as Switzerland (wiki). I have a fond affiliation to Switzerland having lived, worked and made friends from there.

September 21st

An exit to the street at Bank underground station, with City of London Dragons (wiki).

September 25th

An unexpected scene at the London Tattoo convention, a smart looking lady with a sleeve of tattoo's quietly reads a broadsheet newspaper, whilst behind, a man is recieving anoter tattoo. (Full gallery).

<Boris Johnson>
<Fishermen, Croyde Beach>
<Woolacombe Beach, Devon at low tide>
September 31st

Christ Church on Commercial Street (wiki) near to Spitalfields Market. Taken using Ilford FP125 B&W film, trailling a Mamiya 645 Medium Format camera with a mate from work.

October 2nd

Mayor of London, Boris Johnson
(wiki) at the prize giving for London Schools and the Black Child awards, held in the Houses of Parliament; for which I was one of two official photographers.

October 3rd

Men fishing off Croyde Beach (wiki) near to Baggy Point. Heavy swells and messy waves made for difficult surfing conditions at this popular surf break.

October 4th

Woolacombe Beach (wiki) at low tide, despite the cold looking autumnal appearance, the water was a warm 16°C and only required a thin wetsuit for surfing.

<The Monument>
<Waterloo Sunset>
<Autumnal Sunset from Boxhill>
<Stonehenge in Fuji Velvia>
October 8th

My second photograph this year of the 'Monument' to the great fire of London of 1666 (wiki). This time though I climbed to the top and shot through the grilles panoramic shots of London with a friend from work. Full gallery page.

October 15th

Waterloo Sunset, taken with my Mamiya 645 Medium Format camera and using Fuji Velvia 100f Film.

October 18th

An autumnal sunset scene taken from Boxhill near Dorking, I traipsed all the way up in hope of a colourful sunset. This rather reminds me of something that Constable (wiki) would have painted, especially with the bonfire.

October 23rd

The Pagan monoliths of Stonehenge (wiki), taken with my new Mamiya 645 Medium Format camera and using Fuji Velvia 100f Film. I had a rushed 30minutes to take photographs on my way to Somerset and am chuffed that at least one of my shots worked out.
<Remembrance Sunday>
<Guildhall, City of London>
<War memorial, City of London>
October 24th

Pumpkins for sale at a Somerset orchard.

November 8th

Remembrance Sunday (wiki) and local veterans parade in my town centre, and that of almost every town and city in Great Britain. Seven British servicemen have been killed in the last week alone in Afghanistan.

November 10th

The Guildhall (wiki) in the City of London, on a cold and drizzling November day, the sort for which England's weather gets a bad rap from tourists for.

November 12th

War memorial with just laid wreaths opposite the bank of England.

<Twickenham Stadium>
<Ealing Street scene>
<Finsbury Circus>
<Trafalgar Square>
November 14th

The West stand of Twickenham Rugby Stadium (wiki), taken on the way in to watch England Vs. Argentina.

November 15th

A gloomy street scene in Ealing's (wiki) heritage district at dusk. The council recently changed all the street lights to old fashioned ones which really adds a lot of character.

November 18th

The bowling green covered in leaves in Finsbury Circus (wiki), City of London.

November 19th

Hardwoods strewn around Trafalgar square to highlight illegal deforestation (BBC Article). Taken using Kodak Ektar film on my Medium Format Mamiya early morning.

<Betting at Ascot>
<Skunk Anansie>
<The South Bank>
<Street art in Shoreditch>
November 21st

Unfurling a wedge of notes and betting at Ascot Racecourse (wiki). Taken using a waistlevel viewfinder on my Medium format Mamiya so as not to draw attention that I'm taking a photograph.

November 26th

Skunk Anansie's (wiki) Deborah Dyer AKA Skin, crowd surfs in Brixton Academy, in their first gig in London in 8 years.

December 1st

The South Bank (wiki) with St Paul's in the backdrop, taken using Ilford HP5 grainy black and white film on an old fashioned manual 35mm Nikon camera lent to me by a friend.

December 2nd

Street Art in East London's Shoreditch (wiki) taken one Lunchtime, again using Ilford HP5 grainy black and white film.

<Christmas at the Tower>
<London Olympic stadium>
<A shop in Aldgate>
December 3rd

Christmas preparations begin at the Tower of London (wiki). For hundreds of years this was the most feared place in the realm, the irony of seeing Christmas decorations going up did amuse me.

December 4th

Chess boxing (wiki) in North London. I was fortunate enough to get a press pass to cover this event, for a full gallery of pictures click here.

December 5th

The new London Olympic stadium (wiki) still under construction in Hackney, East London taken early morning.

December 9th

A shop in Aldgate (wiki), just a few minutes walk from one of the most important financial districts in the world, and the decay is plainly evident.

December 10th

A road tunnel in Southwark (wiki) with what I believe is a well known shirt makers subtle advertising banner.

December 13th

Wintery landscape scene near Cirencester (wiki), Gloucestershire.

December 15th

An art installation of white rabbits in Spitalfields Market (wiki).

December 16th

Tower bridge and HMS Belfast captured using Kodak Portra neutral film on a bitterly cold day on which snow fell.

<London Cab covered in Snow>
<Whitchurch, Hampshire>
<A thatsched building in winter>
December 17th

A biting cold wind and winter snow made for a cold late night walk home from the station.

December 18th

London is subjected to a light dusting of snow overnight, I was rather hoping for exciting snow scsene's apparent elsewhere in the country, but this un-dramatic black cab with a snow covered roof is all I could find.

December 19th

Wintery landscape scene in Whitchurch (wiki), Hampshire.

December 20th

A thatched outbuilding at sunset still covered in snow in the town of Whitchurch (wiki), Hampshire.

<Selfridges on Oxford Street>
<Space Invader, Clerkenwell>
<Christmas Eve>
<Christmas Day>

December 22nd

The famed department store, Selfridges, on London's Oxford Street (wiki) with the Christmas shopping scrum out of shot, as I went to buy some last minute presents.

December 23rd

A space invader subtly blends into the facade of this shop in Clerkenwell. About 12ft up it's hard to see from street level, but if you look out for them, there are plenty around London (project homepage).

December 24th

Christmas Eve and my sister fashions a festive hat.

December 25th

Brandy alight on a Christmas pudding.

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